Big Breakfast

Breakfast Report – 9.1.19

At our first Big Breakfast of 2019 on Wednesday 9th January, we saw over 130 people from a multitude of churches, Christian organisations and businesses join together to explore how the united Body Of Christ, the Black Country Church, can seek to further impact an entire generation for the Kingdom.

We reflected on 2018 and the significant step up in the appeal, representation and momentum that we witnessed at our four Big LBC Breakfasts. We shared how encouraged we have been by the sense of purpose generated through the releasing of Deb Chamberlain as our new LBC Next Gen Champion. We reflected on how to Lord seems to be doing something in mobilising His Body to reach out to children, young people and the families of which they are part. At the end of November, our brilliant LBC Families Champion Sam Knight was part of organising an event to appreciate those who foster and adopt in our region and encourage others to support them in the role they play and maybe even follow their lead. We were thrilled to see over 100 people turn out for this event, with many signing up to explore the possibility of welcoming vulnerable children and young people into their own homes, families and churches.

God’s heart is for family.

It was an honour to see so many members of God’s family start 2019 standing together before the Lord. We look forward to doing the same at our Big LBC Breakfast in April and anticipating what else God has planned for our region.

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