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LBC Breakfast Review


Our final Big LBC Breakfast of the year took place on Wednesday 3rd October and continued to build on the momentum that we’ve seen in this space throughout 2018.

Nearly 140 people gathered to connect with others representing scores of congregations, organisations and businesses from the Body of Christ across the region. We were delighted to hear from our Next Gen Champion Deb Chamberlain who shared her heart for the pursuit and recovery of the next generation for the Kingdom. Deb reminded us that in order for this mission to be successful, we must pray and act together. You can catch a brief excerpt from Deb’s talk here.


At the conclusion of the breakfast, we offered everyone the opportunity to invest financially into the pursuit of the next generation and beyond. The opportunities and dreams we currently have offer immense potential.

We dream for the restoration of ‘the family’, a huge challenge for us all, and something we began to build towards last year when we released Sam Knight, our ‘Love Black Country Family Champion’. We’d love to see the re-emergence of the Association of Christian Enterprise (ACE). Can you imagine what we could see happen in our communities if our Third Sector providers could work together more? What if we could create internships for young people to engage practically in pursuing transformation within their own communities? Can you dream for the establishment of houses of prayer scattered across our boroughs?

Just this month, one of our boroughs has been invited into a new and dynamic partnership with the police to find pathways and solutions into the parts of our communities that have to endure knife crime and violence, something that none of our kids should be having to deal with at such young ages. This can be prevented. But it needs resourcing, as do all of these dreams.

We can go to various ‘bodies’ to help release this resource, but the first BODY we seek to appeal to is YOU!

So many of us now long to see The Kingdom advanced and our communities impacted and transformed for the glory of God. So, as we did at the breakfast, we’re now also asking every one of you to consider investing in the work of the Kingdom through Love Black Country.

As we stand now, our existing regular giving comes directly from 34 individuals, 10 churches and 2 businesses. In order to move forward, we need more investment. Can you be a part of this?

You can do this in various ways, but right now, our aim is to broaden our regular monthly investor base by receiving more monthly standing orders. Whether large or small, we humbly ask you to be part of THE PURSUIT in this practical way, and to stand with us so that we can GO further.

INVEST (1).png


Our team is now praying and talking through plans for Breakfasts, NextGen Activity and other spaces in 2019 and beyond. We’ll be in touch and share this with you again soon.

Until then, thank you for standing with us as we listen to God, work together and pursue transformation.

Tim Fellows
On behalf of Love Black Country

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