Family Champions Update

The Love Black Country Family Champions initiative has already got 20 local churches on board,  and is now reaching lots of people, more than we probably realised, but in order to take it further, we need an Operations Co-ordinator

The potential in this is huge, and rather than wax lyrical about it here, if this is something that appeals to your appetite to invest, please CLICK on this and it will take you to a page where you can see more of what is probably the best example in recent years of how the ‘invisible’ has released something very tangible and visible with some fantastic outcomes and opportunities.

We will need to raise around £12k per year to do this well, and if we cannot do it right, we would prefer to keep it at the level we are at now, but that would be a shame as the whole venture is about serving the children in our region that have not had the same start in life as most of us.

The number of children in care across the Black Country – October 2015 stats:


Dudley                       = 740

Sandwell                   = 540

Walsall                       = 605

Wolverhampton       = 715

TOTAL                        = 2,600

To know more, please go to https://loveblackcountry.org/love-black-country-families/

This is what two of the existing crew think about it;

“The coming together of the vision for Families Champions has been years in the making and the initial outworking and uptake has been clearly covered with the favour of God. He has made connections between partner organisations which simply don’t exist anywhere else in the country. He has moved over 20 Churches to appoint Families Champions to help Black Country Christians respond to the desperate needs of thousands of children, young people and families in our region. Imagine what more could be achieved by releasing someone to focus purely on the development of this exciting project. There’s just so much more potential to unlock and so much more we believe the Lord wants to do.”

Linsey Wildsmith (FC Co-ordinator and Love Black Country Communications Manager and currently a new Mom!)

The heart of God is for those on the margins of our society. Churches working together with each other and with their community can make a massive change, helping everyone thrive and flourish. The Families Champions partnership, which we are delighted to be involved in, is just one example of what can be achieved when our common faith drives us to support and love everyone in our communities and region.

James Henderson (FC Co-Cordinator and Transforming Communities Together

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