In January and February 2019, LBC Families was proud to host the Foundations Course. Following on from the success of our ‘Celebrating Fostering and Adoption’ event in November last year, the six-week Bible study, developed by Home for Good, was aimed at anyone who wanted to further explore fostering or adoption, particularly from a Biblical perspective.

The first time a course like this has been run in our region, 10 people took part, representing four different churches. It was wonderful to have people with lots of different experiences taking part and we all learnt from each other. Nicola Marshall from Life Central Church in Halesowen, an adoptive mother herself, helped deliver the course and some of those attending also had experiences of adoption/fostering/being in care. There was plenty of space throughout the course for discussion so it was great to hear and see things from different perspectives.

It was wonderful to explore the Bible and discover more of God’s heart and intention for ALL people, and particularly vulnerable children, to be loved within a family. We were challenged, as the Body of Christ, that we need to worship our Father God with our love and care for the vulnerable.

The reasons people attended the course varied. Some did so because they were considering going into fostering or adoption, others work/volunteer with children and young people and wanted a better understanding of the needs of vulnerable children. Whatever their reason for attending, the feedback from the participants was really encouraging.

‘The Foundations course gave a fantastic insight into an incredibly complex and emotive topic…..it really made me admire foster carers and adopters and inspired me to maybe one day do it myself.’

‘This course has been fantastic in highlighting all the different areas you can help those vulnerable children. It is heart-breaking to hear so many stories and I now want to look at becoming a long-term foster carer or an adopter soon.’

‘The course has opened my eyes even more for the need to look after the orphaned.’

We would recommend this course to anyone who has a heart for children and young people. Please email us for more information about future courses or visit https://www.homeforgood.org.uk/resource/foundations.

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