A Rooftop Vision for Dudley

Early in the morning, on Wednesday 1st May, 50+ Christians gathered on the rooftop of Provision House in Dudley to worship and pray. On top of this iconic four storey building were church leaders and Christians from across the Dudley borough who gathered expectantly, believing for the transformation of Dudley.

The morning was inspired by the famous moment in scripture when the Apostle Peter went to a rooftop to pray (Acts 10:1-11:18). As he prayed, Peter received a fresh vision of God’s heart for the lost. This was our dream for our own rooftop prayer gathering. As organisers, we see great value in gathering Christians from across Dudley to pray because we sense God at work in and through our churches and organisations. We see churches partnering for mission, fresh opportunities and open doors in our communities. We long for God to give us each a fresh vision for the marginalised, the disenfranchised and the lost in our borough.

In Dudley that morning, the sounds of prayer and worship could be heard on the ground throughout the surrounding streets. Those gathered on the rooftop looked out on panoramic views of Dudley, praying for the next generation, for vulnerable families, for those in need and for the work of the Christian charity Loaves ‘n’ Fishes, now located in Provision House. We were inspired with words from God for Dudley and for each other. It was a special morning in God’s presence.

We plan to meet in the same way again on Wednesday 5th June, 7-9am. Anyone with a heart to see transformation in Dudley is welcome to join us. Please contact adrian@lovedudley.org.uk for more information.

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