Christmas at the Eatons

Hear the name “Chris Eaton” in December and most people will start hearing a piper’s whistle in their heads and begin quietly humming the tune to Sir Cliff’s “Saviour’s Day”.  I have to confess that I simply cannot put up my Christmas deccys without listening to that song! So when we heard that Chris and his wife Abby were hosting an online Christmas special this year called “Christmas at the Eatons”, showcasing all of Chris’ most famous seasonal hits, we were intrigued.

So what’s the Christmas special all about? Well, to indulge those of us who’d love to see inside a celebrity’s house (eat your heart out Lloyd Grossman), the Eatons are inviting us all into their home to listen to a recording of Chris, Abby and even their son Beau, performing Chris’ most famous seasonal hits. Tickets cost £8pp and include access to the live-streamed event, plus a free digital album of all of the featured songs. There will also be a short video presentation from Compassion offering people the chance to sponsor a child overseas.

We asked Chris what it was all about.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year! God has gifted Abby, Beau, and myself with a love for music, and a deep desire to share our heart with uplifting songs of hope. It’s our prayer that as we invite you all into our home this season you will be taken on a journey back to the true heart of Christmas.”

To be honest, I was sold at the mention of seeing inside Casa Eaton but Chris’ next response solidified a reason to get involved.

“After such an incredibly tough year I think we’re all so in need of warmth, love and a huge portion of TLC! Christmas gives us the opportunity to reunite with loved ones and experience for ourselves the childlike magic of the season, reminding us that even in the midst of our pain we have a Wonderful Saviour, a Prince of Peace who is our Hope, now and forever.”

Chris is a good friend of ours here at Love Black Country. His heart is to serve and connect with others and earlier this year he gifted us with a song written specially for the Church of the Black Country. “We Are One”, which was performed at Together 2020 back in January and produced as a video blessing in July, acts as a reminder that we are indeed One Church in this region and our impact lies in our togetherness.

We’re really grateful for Chris and Abby and all they do to serve the region and we pray that ‘Christmas at the Eatons’ is a great success.

You can order tickets for the event by clicking the box below.

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Church Packages

Chris and Abby are also offering a special package to churches so that they can pay a one off fee and buy the license to share the experience directly with their own congregations. This could play a wonderful role in any church’s Christmas output this year. To buy a licence for an entire congregation please click the link below.

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