Dudley Theology Network Meets Again

On Monday 18th November the Theology Network met for a second time, welcoming Dr Matt Lynch will helped people look at the book of Isaiah. Much discussion was had by those present and Dr Lynch led some interesting discussions around the different ways of interpreting the book.

The Theology Network is a chance for leaders, ministers and other interested Christians to gather on a bi-monthly basis to engage in some discussion, facilitated by guest academics.

The first meeting back in September attracted over 75 people of all ages and genders from various church backgrounds to explore the book of Revelation together.

Tim Murray, who helps to organise the network on behalf of Love Dudley, has been encouraged by the interest in the first two sessions.

“It’s no secret that theological differences have damaged church relationships in the past. Studying and exploring scripture together in a way that draws us towards one another can be hugely beneficial and we’re looking forward to continuing this journey together in 2020.”

The next session will take place on Monday 20th January, 8pm at Chawn Hill Church, Stourbridge where Dr Stephen Backhouse will be exploring the topic ‘What is the Church?’

Please book in via timmurray88@live.com.

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