Everyone is welcome!

We have had people ask us if they are welcome at our upcoming TOGETHER 2020 gathering on January 4th if they are not part of a local church who have ‘partnered’ with us. We currently have 61 from across all 4 boroughs.

There will no doubt also be many Christians out there right now who, for various reasons, are not currently part of a local church at all, so this message is for YOU…


You may not even have been to a church service in our area, or anywhere, for a whole variety of reasons. Maybe you’re from another area or country or you are relatively new to the Christian faith. Well, this message is for YOU TOO…

We would always seek to encourage people to be part of a local family church expression in one shape or another, but we understand that this is not always possible. So whoever you are, wherever you are, please feel VERY welcome to come and join us on 4th January 2020.

Although parking at BCC itself is limited, parking can be found on nearby roads and we’ve also managed to hire an overflow car park on a  school next door so you should be able to find a space to leave your car. However you get there, please remember this: TOGETHER is all about THE BODY OF CHRIST being ONE. So this message is for all of us…

Jesus told the story one day of a King who prepared a banquet and sent out an invitation far and wide for people to come and eat. Many did not respond. We want to make our invitation to gather, to celebrate and to imagine TOGETHER as clear as crystal and as welcoming to all as we possibly can.

We will lay the very best table we can for us all and ask The King to be there too, right in the mix.

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