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Helen Hoarle has worked in partnership with Love Black Country on our Families Champions initiative and is passionate about connecting local Christians with local people in need. Here she tells the moving story of one Black Country family who have been impacted by the love of God shown through His people.

Safe Families is a Christian Charity seeking to bring hope and love through kindness displayed by our wonderful Christian volunteers. We are based at Provision House in Dudley. Sarah is one amazing volunteer who God has used to restore this local family through his grace.

Kate is a single Mum whose 5-year-old son Tom has very complex needs. A few months ago, she fled domestic abuse to be re-homed in the Black Country. Not only was Kate feeling very isolated, lonely and scared, she was also having serious problems with her son. He was struggling to concentrate at nursery and constantly running around crying. The nursery found it difficult to cope and Kate didn’t know what to do to help him.  Kate was at risk of family breakdown.

Safe Families arranged for Kate to meet Sarah and the two quickly became friends. After many trips shopping together, Kate invited Sarah to bring her son to kids’ church. Both Kate and Tom made friends in church and got to know Sarah’s friends and family. Sarah was able to help Kate with Tom’s behaviour. During the recent school holidays Sarah continued to pour love into Kate’s life and Sarah said Tom had “the time of his life.”

The difference in Tom since finding friends in the church kids work has been remarkable.  “Tom has amazed the school by his progress since coming to church.  He is speaking in intelligible words and sentences.”

Kate no longer needs Safe Families as she has found community. She is no longer living in fear and isolation. Through the love and kindness of a Safe Families volunteer, the wonderful Christian community and the fantastic children’s work at the church, Kate has found a new life where she has found a family who she says, “treat her like one of their own”.

If you would like to find out more about Safe Families please email

  • Please note all identities have been changed for confidentiality.

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