Pray for the Next Generation returning to school

Next week, thousands of Black Country children and young people will be returning to school for the first time in 6 months. All of them will be returning to a totally different educational environment to the one they left behind in March and we know that Christians across the region are already praying over this transition for them.

We’ve produced a helpful video to inspire and guide your prayers, alongside more detailed prayer points below.

If you would like to use this video in your online Sunday services, you can download it here:


Prayer Points: 

  • Pray for an easy transition to the new systems that will be in place in schools, which will look very different the typical school day thousands of children and young people left behind in March – staggered lunch and break times, social bubbles, social distancing, PPE, one-way systems, limited socialising with others etc.
  • Pray for academic success. Pray for patience and wisdom and strategy for teachers and support staff to help children and young people catch-up with 2 terms worth of work missed.
  • Pray for children and young people starting new schools – both primary and secondary – without the usual induction and transition sessions they should have had in July. Pray they settle in quickly.
  • Pray for easy relationships with new class teachers.
  • Pray for parents and staff concerned about potentially catching and/or spreading Covid 19.
  • Pray Romans 8:28 for this generation. Our God can and does work all things together for the good of those who love Him. Pray that they will be filled with a strength and ability to adapt and thrive, unlike any generation before them, as a result of the lock down.


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Pray for the Next Generation returning to school - Next week, thousands of Black Country children and young people will be returning to school for the first time in 6 months and they need our prayers. LBC have produced a useful video to help people to pray for them.