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In September 2020, Love Black Country’s Tim Fellows spoke with George Otis about Transformational Revival.

George Otis has worked with The Sentinel Group for many years, producing the “Transformations” series of films, documenting transformational revivals currently taking place around the world.

You can watch Tim’s conversation with George Otis in two videos at the bottom of this page or via our YouTube channel here.

We also wanted to produce a list of resources to support people who wish to explore this fascinating area further. We’re pleased to provide a list of links to resources below to help you in this pursuit.

Resource List


  • Transformations I  – A full documentary exploring stories of transformation from around the world which depended on the power of unity, prayer and fasting.
  • Transformations II – Revival in the Hebrides – An excerpt from the Transformations II documentary, exploring the last documented UK revival in the Hebrides, Scotland.
  • Sentinel Group YouTube Channel – There are many videos featured on The Sentinel Group/s YouTube channel that offer highlights of transformational revival stories from around the world.
  • Sentinel Group Website – The Sentinel Group website contains a wealth of purchasable resources, including teaching series, books and videos on the topic of Transformational Revival.
  • Evan Roberts Welsh Revival Documentary (1904-1905) – An account of the 1904–1905 Welsh Revival in Loughor, Wales, one of the most dramatic in terms of its effect on the population and its influences in triggering revivals in several other countries.


Interviews with George Otis

Part one

Part two

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