Call for Creatives – We Are One – The Anthem Video

A joining of creatives from the Black Country!

Christians from churches across the Black Country are coming together during lockdown to unite as one and produce a powerful creative declaration over our region – Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Using inspiration from the recent UK Blessing video, recorded by churches around the UK, Black Country singers, musicians, dancers and visual artists have been invited to contribute video submissions in response to the song ‘We Are One’ which has been written by Chris Eaton, especially for the Black Country Church and performed at Together 2020 in January.

A creative team from across the Black Country has been pulled together to tackle this ambitious project including talented musical directors, video producers and creatives. Submissions will be edited together to produce a powerful declaration of unity from churches across the Black Country.

Singers, musicians, dancers, potters, painters and visual artists from across the Black Country have contributed towards the video.




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