What A Night!

On Saturday 4th January 2020, almost 2500 Christians representing over 80 churches and Christian organisations gathered at Bethel Convention Centre to celebrate what God is doing in our region through our togetherness and to imagine what more He might have planned.

It was an incredible night and social media has been buzzing ever since, with pictures, videos and accounts of the night and the impact it had on so many.

Front Page News

The event made front page news on the Express and Star with a fantastic account of the reason we gathered and the impact we hoped it would have moving forwards. If you were there, you may even spot yourself on some of the pictures they took! Check out the full story and all of the images here.

Together 2020 Anthem

During the evening, Chris Eaton and the Together 2020 worship team performed the release of the official Together 2020 Anthem. ‘We Are One (In Your Presence)’, was written by Chris Eaton especially for Together 2020 and has been recorded with the Together 2020 Worship Team. You can listen to the song here.

Feature Videos

During the event, we premiered 3 videos that were produced especially for Together 2020, which highlight some of the amazing initiatives taking place as Christians work TOGETHER across the region. These are all available to view now on our YouTube channel. Why not subscribe to our channel so you can be the first to see future videos that we produce?

What Next?

Loads of people have been getting in touch to ask what else is planned for 2020 and beyond. There is clearly a sense of momentum gathering as we begin the new decade TOGETHER. We’re excited to share a vast array of opportunities for you to continue to gather with other Christians in your borough and to imagine what God has planned for the future.

Love Dudley
There are many things happening in Dudley to help Christians to connect with each other, pray TOGETHER and work towards seeing the borough transformed. This includes church leader’s gatherings, Rooftop Prayer, One Heart Sound youth network, the Dudley Next Gen Hub and Dudley Theology Network. Click here to find out more.

Love Sandwell
Christians in Sandwell will be meeting TOGETHER in various capacities throughout the year to build relationships, pray and dream for their borough. This includes church leaders and leadership teams gatherings, the Sandwell Next Gen Hub and bi-monthly Sandwell Prayer Focus gatherings.  Click here to find out more.

Love Walsall
There are many ways Christians in Walsall will be meeting TOGETHER in 2020 including church leaders gatherings, prayer breakfasts, a March of Witness on Good Friday and a Next Gen Hub. Love Walsall’s Big Youth also has a number of events planned. Click here to find out more.

Love Wolverhampton
2020 promises to be a big year for Wolverhampton. A huge mission called Ablaze20 is planned for June in West Park and Christians will also be meeting TOGETHER to pray at Molineux Stadium every month throughout the year. Wolverhampton’s Next Gen Hub will also be meeting. Click here to find out more.

The Journey Continues

We’re so grateful to the Lord for all He has done so far through Together 2020 and we’re believing for an even greater sense of His presence and purposes amongst us as we continue to journey TOGETHER into the new decade.

We will continue to listen to God. We will continue to work together and we will continue to pursue transformation.

We’re so glad that YOU are joining TOGETHER with so many others on that journey.


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