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Who’s on the Tearfund Main Stage?

Together Festival has so much going on throughout the day. We have 4 zones packed with things to do.

As well as our four fantastic activity zones (Family, Youth, Creative and Explore), the Tearfund Main Stage will play host to a variety of fantastic professional acts throughout the afternoon at Together Festival 22.

Find a spot in front of the stage, unpack your picnic and settle in for an afternoon of incredible performances for all ages!


Together 22 will be a fantastic, quality, free-to-enter event with a ticket price in excess of £10pp were we charging in the usual way. There is NO charge whatsoever to register for a ticket as we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to come along. However, we’re relying on God to provide through extensive partnership, generous sponsorship and broadly shared investment.

You can help us in this mission enormously by making a donation when you book in or giving via our website to cover as much of your ticket as you can and to see this as opportunity to invest in others with us.

Book your Festival Finale ticket here


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