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Grief counselling for COVID-19 families

As the Coronavirus tightens its grip on the nation’s health, more and more people are experiencing the loss of loved ones to the COVID-19 disease.

Since Coronavirus is so contagious, it’s impact can be felt not only in the deaths but also at the funerals of its victims.

Closed coffins are an absolute must at the funerals of those who have died as a result of COVID-19, since the virus can live on the corpse of a victim. Additionally, due to strict social distancing guidelines, funerals of victims will probably only allow for immediate family to be present, meaning funerals directors are having to find ways of live-streaming funerals to wider family and friends. What is worse, many victim’s closest family members may have to stay in self-isolation which will prevent them from attending the funeral at all.

The need for grief support therefore, will be acute during the next year, as the Coronavirus works its way through the population and one Christian organisation is trying to play their part. At A Loss offers an online griefchat service that is free to use and is a means of offering support when social distancing prevents face-to-face meetings.

At A Loss also enables local bereavement support groups to share information about their services which clients can locate via a postcode search on the website. If your church or organisation offers bereavement services to the local community, please visit to register your details and be listed on their directory.

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