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Self-Esteem Course

We’re pleased to announce that LBC Next Gen will be hosting a one day Self Esteem Training Course to equip you to deliver self-esteem coaching course called “Worth It” with Years 5/6 and secondary age children. Completing the course will license to deliver the 6 week course for 2 years. Cost is £100 per person.

Please contact for more info and to book in.

Here’s a bit of info about the course our training day will enable you to deliver in schools:

“Worth It” is a six week self-esteem course. Our culture and the media in particular is constantly telling our young people how they should look, how they should act, how they should think and even they should feel. If you don’t look, act, think and feel a certain way, then you simply don’t fit.

“Worth it” is a six week course helping young people to look at identity, image, self-worth and what it means to be confident in who they are, not in who they are told to be.

Week 1 – Mirror mirror on the wall
We will explore together how we view ourselves, what makes us feel good and bad about ourselves and how we can deal with those things.

Week 2 – The real you
What does the media say about how young people should look, act, feel and think?

Week 3 – Under pressure
What are some of the pressures facing young people today and how can we deal with them?

Week 4 – I wanna be like you
Looking at role models and how to set and attain realistic goals in life.

Week 5 – Sticks and stones
Dealing with compliments and conflict.

Week 6 – Worth it?
Look at how the course has helped them, what are they going to do as a result of the course and how they can find their unique place and role in their communities.


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