Big Breakfast

An invitation to breakfast!

Momentum is building. As the year goes on, we are seeing greater relational connections made between the leaders, movers and shakers in each of our boroughs. We believe this is all part of God’s strategy to build a framework on which He can land something incredible in our area, perhaps more significant than any of us truly realise.

At our Big LBC Breakfast in July, we’ll be announcing an exciting opportunity to utilise these relationships and begin the decade of 2020 standing together as One Body in the Black Country before the Lord. You really don’t want to miss this!

You can book in now using our new online booking system and reserve your place today.

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We encourage you to book in as soon as you can. Last time, we had a last-minute rush and we’re sadly having to turn people away, so please book your seat early this time by clicking here.

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