We are one body and one spirit, as (we) were all called into the same glorious hope of divine destiny – Ephesians 4:4 (TPT)

What is the ‘divine destiny’ for the Next Generation in The Black Country?

We believe passionately that it is for every one of them to live in a society transformed by the power of God. For every young person to live in neighbourhoods and cities whose values and institutions have been overrun by the grace of God. For every child to encounter a society and culture so impacted by the Kingdom of God that homelessness, addiction, high crime-rates and unemployment are a thing from the past that only their parents can vaguely remember.

The divine destiny for the next and every generation in our region and beyond is to see their communities prosper, families nurtured, children thrive and young people fulfilling their potential.

Can God do this here?

Love Black Country Next Gen is working with people all over the region behind the scenes to establish stronger relational links between people with a shared heart for children and young people in our region. We believe that The Lord is creating these relational foundations upon which He can build His kingdom in the Next Generation in a way that no generation has seen before.

Do you work with children and young people? Do you have a passion to see them fulfil their divine destiny? We can only pursue this TOGETHER. Together we can:

  • Identify ways in which we can harness collective effort between churches and partners across the Black Country to reach the next generation with the gospel.
  • Facilitate networking and resourcing opportunities between those who work with the next generation in the Black Country.
  • Recognise gaps and strategically inspire action in regional outreach to the next generation.

We encourage you to connect with one of our Next Gen Borough Hubs to see how you can encourage and be encouraged by other people who share your heart.