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MOVEMENT – Youth Prayer for the Black Country

We're back! After successfully gathering nearly 200 young people for the Youth Prayer Gathering the last two gatherings, we're keen to come together again. This is MOVEMENT, named by young people at Together Festival - a moment to worship, pray and gather the young people of our region. Facilitated by…

The AI Leviathan: Paradigmatic Technological Change & Ethics

Unknown to the majority of the world’s population, a Leviathan, the like of which we have never imagined, lies hidden beneath the surface of the murky waters of exponential technology. Adrian Lowe explores the rise of It’s Artificial Intelligence in the world today and explores how we should respond.

Warning! TikTok can damage your child’s health.

Tiktok is one of the fastest growing social media apps in the world.  Recently, The Wall Street Journal completed an excellent piece of investigative journalism, investigating the platform’s impact on its teenage users. Join Love Dudley’s Adrian Lowe as he explores the dangers of TikTok on the Next Generation and what parents can do about it.

2021 – The Year in Review

So, what has 2021 been all about for Love Black Country? Join Tim Fellows, LBC’s Network Coordinator as he mulls over the year gone by.

Tam’s Story: “Someone to believe in me.”

Tam had 2 young children when she needed to move into temporary accommodation for her and the children’s safety. She grew up in care and had no support network but desperately wanted to do the best for her children.

Millennials, Gen Z and God’s Remnant

The reality of the state of the next generation in terms of their battles with mental health, the digital life and an ever-decreasing Christian faith is stark. Yet God will always have a remnant that remain faithful to him even in the most desperate of circumstances. Join Tim Barton as he explores how God is moving within the Next Generation in the Church of the Black Country in unassuming but significant ways.

The Disunited States of America!

In a follow-up to his article about the invasion on the US Capitol building in January 2021, Love Dudley’s Adrian Lowe digs deeper into the divisions permeating through American society and asks the question, what does this mean for the UK Church at this time?

MYTHOLOGY VS DEMOCRACY? QAnon Shaman takes over Capitol Hill

Many of us are asking the question; what on earth is going on? Join Adrian Lowe as he explores the significance of the attack on the US Capitol Building in January 2021 and what it exposes about the lack of truth in a society desperate for answers.