Love Sandwell meet in various capacities each month. Check out the various gatherings below. We’d love for you to connect with any of them. Please get in touch to find out more information. We’d love to help you work with others to see the borough of Sandwell transformed.

Monthly Leaders Gatherings

A group of Sandwell senior church leaders meet monthly on a Thursday lunchtime. This space is intended to be a good way to engage with other leaders, build relationships, share resources as well as becoming a safe space in which to share and an opportunity to retreat and spend time with God together through mutual trust and accountability. It is also intended to be a space where we can be envisioned for what God wants to do in our borough. For more info, please contact Jon Grant - Check out the graphic below for this year's dates:

Sandwell Leadership Teams

A new initiative for 2019 sees our first ever gathering aimed not only at senior church leaders but also their church leadership teams as well. We're so aware that networking and building relationships between individual senior leaders in only the first step in encouraging a sense of togetherness across The Church of our borough. Gathering church leadership teams together to get to know each other is also crucial if we want to see our borough transformed through our togetherness.

Our first Leadership Teams Gathering will take place on:

Monday 14th October, 7:30-9:30pm, Sandwell Christian Centre, Langley Crescent, B68 8RE.

Sandwell Prayer Focus

Throughout the year, we call and gather Christians from across the borough to join together to pray for our borough. Anyone with a heart to see God transform Sandwell is welcome to join us.

Dates for 2019 are as follows:

Tuesday 25th June, 7:30 pm, Sandwell Christian Centre, B68 8RE.

Thursday 25th July, 7:30pm, Sandwell Christian Centre, B68 8RE.

Tuesday 10th September, 7:30pm, Sandwell Christian Centre, B68 8RE.

Thursday 14th November, 7:30pm, Sandwell Christian Centre, B68 8RE.

We'd love to see you there. Please email for more information.

Next Gen Borough Hub – Sandwell

Sandwell Kids and Youth Hub is a newly formed group of anyone who leads next generation work in their church. There are a few paid workers in Sandwell and many volunteers too and all are welcome to join the group.  It may be that the group separates the kids and youth workers at some point in the future but for now the group is making new connections between the churches represented and has begun to dream about what the future might hold if everyone works together to reach the young people in Sandwell!

The next Sandwell Kids and Youth Hub meeting will take place on Tuesday 24th September, 7:30pm at Hope Church, B71 2DR. Please contact for more information.