Love Sandwell meet in various capacities each month. Check out the various gatherings below. We’d love for you to connect with any of them. Please get in touch to find out more information. We’d love to help you work with others to see the borough of Sandwell transformed.

Monthly Leaders Gatherings

“A pattern of meetings open to all church Ministers/Leaders across Sandwell, that encourages the development of relationships, fellowship, sharing, prayer and ministry, in a safe place, that fosters mutual support, and seeks to build Kingdom across Sandwell to the glory of God”.

Monthly meetings take place in the following pattern:

  • Coffee/Tea Gathering: Alternate Months. Informal, relaxed gathering for coffee, hosted by a church or held at a coffee shop or online if Covid restrictions demand it.  Open to all Ministers/Church Leaders.  People can come and go as they please, staying for the 1.5hours meeting or just calling in for coffee as time allows.  An opportunity to build relationships.
  • Sandwell Leaders Gathering:  Alternate Months. Lunch or Breakfast to be available.  Open to all Ministers/Church Leaders. An opportunity to eat together, share our thoughts, plans and challenges. To pray and minister to each other. A 2-hour time slot.

For more info, please contact Jon Grant -

Leaders Retreats

In addition to the Monthly Gatherings, two additional Sandwell Church Leaders events will take place during the year as well as prayer meetings/walks open to all

  • Half-yearly: Extended time for fellowship as Sandwell Leaders. Away for a half day; for the purpose of reflection, a space to stop, to listen to God, to share hopes and dreams. Potentially March or early April 2022.
  • Annual Away Day for Sandwell Leaders: A 24-hour away day at a venue with refreshments and food provided.  A time to reflect, to envision, to share and plan for the future. Potentially September 2022.
  • Town Prayer walks – open to all – more info to follow.

More info can be accessed by emailing

Next Gen Borough Hub – Sandwell

Sandwell Kids and Youth Hub is a newly formed group of anyone who leads next generation work in their church. There are a few paid workers in Sandwell and many volunteers too and all are welcome to join the group.  It may be that the group separates the kids and youth workers at some point in the future but for now the group is making new connections between the churches represented and has begun to dream about what the future might hold if everyone works together to reach the young people in Sandwell!

Our Sandwell Next Gen Hub is coordinated by our Sandwell Next Gen Champion, Ben Harris. You can contact Ben for more information about our Sandwell Next Gen Hub by emailing