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Snapshot – A review of a year of movement.

Snapshot 2023 – Love Black Country

As we share this annual snapshot, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude to you all. Love Black Country has been part of this regional Church community for over 30 years, and it’s humbling to see the progress we’ve made together. This movement isn’t just about Love Black Country  – it’s God’s heart for his church to be one as He is one. That’s the movement towards unity we are a part of.

In these pages, you’ll find glimpses of our contribution to this movement of God towards a more connected and harmonious Church in the Black Country – The Kingdom. These are our sincere reflection on the strides we’ve taken in fostering unity in the church. We believe God is on the move to bring transformation to our community, our economy, and even the ecology.

This snapshot is a snapshot of us all, a humble tribute to the progress we’ve made and the journey that lies ahead. We’ve come a long way, and yet still have a long way to go

We’ve tried to pack as much as we can into the document, so below are the longer versions of the reports from each borough, summarised on the snapshot.

Thank you for being part of this movement, shaping the narrative of unity and oneness together.

If you have a story of how God is working through you, your organisation, your church to bring the body of christ closer together, or how unity has made a transformational impact please let us know. 


We have been re-establishing a team in Wolverhampton since the beginning of 2023, made up of a mixture of church leaders, youth and kids’ leaders, business people, creative types and prayer people. The original team set-up in 2014 had changed significantly in personnel over the years and it was felt best to pause for a time to allow a new expression of Love Wolverhampton to emerge. That is now happening and we look forward to seeing what develops with the new team into 2024.

There is an existing Youth Leaders’ network in the city, a strong Creatives Group and a number of business people who play an active role in the wider Black Country Business & Enterprise group.


Over the last 12 months, Love Sandwell has continued to engage and facilitate regular monthly spaces for Sandwell church leaders and chaplains to connect and support one another. Our main aim was to provide, in a safe place, environments that encouraged the development of relationships, fellowship, sharing, prayer and ministry . . . In essence, to build Kingdom across Sandwell.

The Love Sandwell Core Team continued to meet monthly. After consultation with our network, the team were made aware that congregational leaders wanted a more private space where they could connect just with other church leaders, as some of the needs raised were sensitive. In response we established a Sandwell Leaders’ lunch open to congregational ministers/church leaders only.

 On the other month, we provided a more informal and relaxed drop-in gathering for the wider Christian community leaders, such as chaplains and faith-based charity workers

 Local congregational leaders also attended and venues moved around the different towns of Sandwell.  These drop ins were hosted by a church or held at a coffee shop.

 Due to our Sandwell NextGen Champion moving on to pastures new, we decided to commission researchto help us understand the needs of Sandwell churches relating to children and young people. The project is ongoing.


Networking Leaders

Established in 2007 the Love Dudley Leaders’ breakfast provides an opportunity for church and charity leaders from all denominations to meet on a regular basis. The breakfast offers an opportunity to build relationships and to prayerfully support one another. We also provide time to catch up with what is happening across the borough and celebrate what God is doing through His church in the villages and towns of Dudley.

The Faith Experiment – Missional Opportunity

 In March 2023, more than 50 people attended a 24-hour event called The Faith Experiment, led by Matt and Davinder Gardner, both who have a science background. The conference debated the big questions of science and the Christian faith.

The Liberator

In early 2023 churches across Dudley partnered through the Love Dudley network with Saltmine Theatre Company to host the ‘Liberator’ production at Brierley Hill Civic.  More than 200 people came to see a modern stage interpretation of the gospel of Jesus. Hosting the play in the Civic provided members of different congregations from across the network with an opportunity to bring friends and family to a high-quality production that told the story of Jesus in a contemporary way ahead of their own church Easter programmes.


Love Walsall is a relational network of Christians, Churches and Christian organisations and businesses across the borough of Walsall

We exist to see the spiritual, social, economic and ecological transformation of the Walsall area, and believe that by encouraging the Church of our town to listen to what God is saying, and work together, we will see our communities transformed

To this end envision ‘Walsall filled with the glory & knowledge of the Lord Jesus’

Our theory of change is that if we encourage the Church of our town to listen to what God is saying, work together in and outside the church, we will see the spiritual, social, cultural , economic and ecological transformation of the town.

Key activities:

Listening to God

  • we have a Core Team, that meet monthly to oversee Walsall activity

Kevin Davis, Tim Summersby, Chris Payne, Nicola Thomas, Esther Gladwish, and Hannah de la Hoyde

Our core team seeks to develop of spirit inspired Ministries of Helps, Corporate Prayer, and worship.

Working Together

A young people are our key focus, we have employed Hannah as our Big Youth leader, pulling together church attending youth. We also support the JCU, the joint Christian union of secondary schools.

We also mark traditional Christian festivals together, in particular our Easter passion play/march of witness, pulling together up to 1000 in Walsall town centre

Pursuing Transformation 

Our monthly Breakfasts pull together Christians beyond the pulpit, to seek the peace and prosperity of the town , encouraging Market place Christianity.

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