Theology Network

It’s no secret that theological differences have damaged church relationships in the past. Studying and exploring scripture together in a way that draws us towards one another can be hugely beneficial.

We believe that studying theology can make a huge difference to Christians and the local churches in which they serve.

The Theology Network is not about telling anyone what to think or reinforcing one particular theological tradition or view. It’s also not about arguing about contemporary hot topics. Instead, it is intended to stimulate and provoke thought and empower us to reap the benefits of theological study.

The next event being hosted by the Theology Network is a conference about Gender Fluidity taking place on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th October 2021. Click the image below to book your place.

What is the Theology Network?

The Theology Network is a chance for Christians (especially leaders, but open to all who are interested) to come together and taste the benefits of theological study. Each time we will receive some quality input from a visiting theologian who will provoke and help us to think about a different area of theology. It’s all about stimulating us to think, open discussion and a chance to develop and grow. Each evening will be relaxed, informal, safe and warm.

Why bother?

We believe that theological study is of immense benefit for the person who engages with it and critical to the long-term health of the church in the Black Country (and beyond). These evenings aim to give a taste of that benefit, both to inspire those who may consider further study at some point, but also to feed those of us who cannot give up much time to study in the normal course of our lives.

Dates and Details

In 2021 we will be looking at the topic of ‘being human’ across a variety of different theological areas, including New Testament, Old Testament, Systematic and Practical Theology.

Our next Theology Network event is a two-day conference exploring Gender Fluidity and will take place on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th October at Chawn Hill Church, Chawn Hill, Stourbridge, DY9 7JD.

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