Love Black Country Creatives

Love Black Country Creatives are a relational network of Christian Creatives. Brought together by a mutual love of Jesus and a shared desire to express the love of God through our creativity, the Creative group work collaboratively to produce creative productions to bless the Black Country Church and share the good news of Jesus with the region.

What is a Creative?

The Creative group is made up of a number of different Christians from all four borough of the Black Country, each with their own creative gifting. This includes musicians, singers, graphic designers, artists, photographers, film-makers, writers, dancers, craftsmen/women and poets.

Why does the Creative Group exist?

The Creative Group began informally in February 2020, in response to a prophetic word shared over the Black Country by Martin Scott, who prophesied that creative sound would emerge from within the Church of the region to bless the area with the good news of Jesus.

Since then, people have joined and people have moved on but God has continued to speak to the group and use them to produce beautiful creative productions to bless the area and resource the Black Country Church.

What Creative projects have you produced?

The first Creative project that the Creative Group collaborated on was the “We Are One” video blessing in July 2020 which has now been viewed thousands of times by people all over the world.  You can read all about the story behind the video here. You can also watch it by clicking on the video link below.

In December 2020 “Christmas Exodus” was released, a short film inspired by the mass evacuation of students from university campuses across the country int he run up to Christmas 2020. This film is available to download here.