Big Breakfast

Big Breakfast Cancelled

As we’re sure you’re all aware, in order to slow down the spread of Coronavirus and therefore ease pressure on the NHS, the UK government is advising that large gatherings should not take place for the foreseeable future. Therefore, the decision has been made to cancel our Big Love Black Country Breakfast, due to take place on Wednesday 1st April 2020, 7-9am at The Village Hotel, Dudley.

We have had over 100 people book in and pay for the breakfast so far. If you are one of them, we’d like to let you know of three ways that you can proceed from here.

1. Request a refund
If you would like a full refund for your booking, we’ll be happy to arrange that for you. Please email to request a refund and we will make sure you receive your money ASAP.

2. Transfer to a future breakfast
We currently plan to do a breakfast in October, as previously planned. If you would like us to transfer your payment to reserve a place for October’s breakfast, please email and we will add your name to October’s guest list and use your payment to secure your place.

3. Make a donation
As a registered charity, we too will be feeling the pressure of the economic climate affecting all of us. Therefore, if you would like to donate your payment for the breakfast towards the ongoing work of Love Black Country, please send us an email to to let us know.

We’re living in uncertain times. Life in the next few months is going to look extremely different for all of us.

Allow us to share with you a powerful thought from an Australian Rabbi which reminds us of our great hope in God in the midst of uncertainty:

“This coronavirus thing has really thrown me. I feel like I’ve lost all sense of certainty. No one knows what will happen next. How do we stay sane when we don’t know what’s lurking around the corner?”

It is not that we have lost our sense of certainty. We have lost our illusion of certainty. We never had it to begin with. This could be majorly unsettling, or amazingly liberating.

This tiny virus of 125 nanometers has sent the entire world into chaos. All of our plans are up in the air, markets are going crazy, entire countries shutting down, and we have no clue what the future holds.

But that is always the case. We never know what the future holds. We only think we do, and keep getting surprised when things don’t pan out the way we expected. Now the mask is off. We have to admit our vulnerability.

What will happen next? We don’t know. Our experts don’t know. Our leaders don’t know. Only G‑d knows. And that is the point. Only G‑d knows.

Close your eyes and feel the uncertainty, make peace with it, let yourself be taken by it. Embrace your cluelessness. Because in all the confusion there is one thing you know for sure. You are in G‑d’s hands.

Keep calm. Panic and fear are also contagious. Take every precaution as advised by health authorities. Wash your hands well. And every time you do, remember whose hands you are in.

We’ll be in touch again later in the week with details about how Love Black Country will be supporting churches and organisations across the region during this unique time of opportunity.

Until then, take care and keep calm.

God is control.

Linsey Wildsmith
Communications Manager

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