Martin Scott joins Mission:Mercia

Over the past 5  years, numerous leaders and intercessors from across the Black Country have been connecting with others from villages, towns and cities across the Mercia region. These gatherings have included several retreats and input from a number of prophetic voices from around the world to explore the purposes of God for our region in the nation.

We believe God has a plan for the Mercia region and that the Black Country has a part to play in it.

Therefore, we’re pleased to extend an open invite to join us at a Mission:Mercia, to take place via Zoom at 12.00pm on Wednesday 3 March.

This will be exactly one year on from our last in-person retreat at Yarnfield Park. In that year, life has changed out of all recognition due to Covid-19 – and there seems no end in sight to the impact of the pandemic upon family life, education, employment, leisure – and church.

With this in mind, we have invited our good friend Martin Scott to join us and to share for a few minutes what he senses the Lord is saying at this time. In addition to Martin’s input, we will be receiving updates and sharing together in prayer.

The meeting will run from 12.00pm until 1.00pm, but those who wish to stay on for an extra half hour for conversation and prayer will be able to do so.

Please see the image below for the Zoom details or email robert@city-vision.org.uk for the direct link.

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