Worship Leaders Cross The Borders

A worship band consisting of worship leaders and musicians from all four boroughs of the Black Country have been meeting to rehearse for Together 2020.

The 15-member band, which includes male and female worship leaders from various Christian traditions and denominations, will lead worship at various points during the event.

Love Sandwell’s Jon Grant has been helping to head up the organisation of the band and is encouraged by their rehearsals so far.

“It’s exciting to see so many talented musicians, from all four corners of the region, joining together. The sound they’ve created really does sound like they’ve been playing together for years.”

A Together 2020 playlist is now available to listen to on Spotify so that people attending the event can familiarise themselves with the songs that will be sung before the big day.


A dance routine has also been choreographed for children attending the event to join in with on the night during the song “I Am Who You Say I Am”. Churches all over the area are currently teaching the dance in their Sunday schools and kids groups.




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