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200+ young people cry out to Jesus

200+ young people from churches across the Black Country joined together on Friday 22nd April for a prayer meeting.

The gathering, hosted at Life Central Church in Halesowen, was facilitated by a partnership between Love Black Country Next Gen, The Message Trust and 24-7 Prayer.

Worship was led by the incredible worship band Ramp, who travelled down from Manchester especially for the prayer gathering, with Josh Green, National Youth Director for 24-7 prayer, delivering a stirring gospel presentation and call for those present to surrender their all to Jesus.

And surrender they did.

Despite the stereotype of prayer meetings being the traditional haunt of older people, those present proved nothing could be further from the truth. Throughout the night, many people took to stage to pray, share prophetic words, words of knowledge for many of the young people and declare God’s goodness over their generation

There was not a space free at the front of the packed room, with young people jumping and calling on Jesus to deliver them, even, being led to fall to their knees in worship.


A particularly moving moment involved the young people linking their arms with each other as they sang out to God and prayed for one another as representatives of an “army rising up” within the next generation for Jesus. As the event ended most stayed in place, worshipping God, not wanting to leave this holy moment. 


Plans are afoot for another prayer gathering like this later in the year and we will let you know in due course when that will be. However, youth leaders do not need to wait that long.

As part of LBC’s investment into the Next Generation, we continue to network and facilitate relational unity between kids and youth workers across the region. On Monday 22nd May, we are hosting a gathering for those involved with leading and working with children and young people in any capacity. We will pray, worship and share together, encouraging each other in the roles we play. If this is something you do, we would love to see you there.

When: Monday 22nd May
Time: 8pm
Place: Legacy Church, Walsall, WS1 3QS.

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