Family Champions

A Family Champion is a designated person within a Church whose role it is to raise awareness of the ways that Christians can engage with our partner charities to support local vulnerable families and young people.

The Strategy

22,000 Black Country children were officially defined as “in need” in 2015. In Sandwell alone, the number of children being taken into care increased by one third in 2018.

Social Services are under increasing pressure as they try to address this problem. Churches are currently doing their best to serve struggling families in their communities but the need is too great for individual congregations to tackle alone.

We believe God has given His people gifts and abilities to contribute to a solution to this problem but they often don’t know how they can help. Our vision is for each Black Country Church to have a Families Champion who connects people in churches with the charities best-placed to support families in need.

Love Black Country Families will train and equip Families Champions to become the main point of contact between churches and our partner charities. In doing so, children and families in the Black Country receive the support and care that God desires for them through the Black Country Church being mobilised and equipped to respond.

Which Experts are on board

LBC Families partners with several families and children’s charities with a Christian ethos. Through our Families Champions, we are able to link people in churches all over the Black Country to the experts that can help them serve families and children in their communities.

The charities we are working with so far are:

Family Champion

Being a Family Champion for your Church is a fantastic way to raise awareness of the needs of vulnerable families and children in your community and do you bit to help them.

You can download more information about what being a Family Champion here.

Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a Family Champion for your Church, please click here and we’ll be in touch to help you get the ball rolling.

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